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Jeremy Turner-Welch

I am an intuitive, a therapist, facilitator and coach with over 15 years experience dedicated to helping clients acquire the balance, contentment and change they desire. 


My approach combines depth psychology, spirituality and creativity to enhance your relationship with your Self, your life and others. It considers your physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being and development as a whole. 


Please get in touch to book a session or find out more. I look forward to hearing from you. 



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Providing valuable information,

guidance and messages from spirit.
Face-to-face or online (via Zoom)

These sessions embrace our spiritual aspect and focus on the wisdom and guidance often described as coming from our higher selves, guides, spirit, 'inner knowing', the divine, and communications with our loved ones in spirit.

Are you seeking insight into an aspect of your life?

Are you curious about the next steps on your journey?

Valuable information and guidance about your life is provided using psychic intuition, and through communication with those in spirit. This may relate to any aspect of your life, as needed. 

1 hr session -  £70


Connect with your intuitive wisdom to 

inform and enrich your everyday life.

Face-to-face or online (via Zoom)

These sessions focus on your aspirations or challenges in life. They guide you to take a bird's eye view of your life and reveal new perspectives and possibilities so you can move forwards with greater insight, confidence and ease. 

They are ideal for navigating change or pursuing personal goals and if you are seeking additional clarity or assurance in some area of your life.  

In addition, sessions can be used to identify strategies for change, aid decision-making and build self-esteem.  

Sessions acknowledge all aspects of your soul - mind, body and spirit.


1hr session - £55

Please contact me if you have any questions about these sessions. I'm happy to help.


What People Say...

"I am speechless! More than fantastic. Thank you Jeremy."

"I was really moved and inspired by the consultation with Jeremy. His messages were accurate, authentic and I felt his genuine wish to support me with the communication with my family in spirit… The way he conveyed the messages really uplifted me. I would highly recommend Jeremy"

"The wisdom that Jeremy was able to relay was so helpful it transformed my understanding and appreciation of my work and its purpose."

"I found my sitting with Jeremy to be outstanding. He is intuitive, insightful and articulates messages from spirit in such a wonderful manner. His ability and talent portrays deep accuracy...I will be recommending him to other people most warmly and without reservation." 

"I highly recommend Jeremy. He is certainly a very warm and gifted person with a very unique ability. The accuracy of his insights and wisdom has been so helpful." 

"His guidance has given me the confidence to move forwards. I was also pleasantly surprised at how personal and constructive an online session could be."

"I had an excellent session with Jeremy and he answered all my questions and more!"

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Please get in touch to book a session, ask a question or discuss how we might work together. 

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