Jeremy Turner-Welch

I am an intuitive, a therapist and facilitator with over 15 years experience dedicated to helping clients acquire the balance, contentment and change they desire. 


My approach enhances your relationship with your Self, your life and others, as it considers your physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being and development as a whole. 


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Face-to-face or online (via Zoom)

These sessions help you deal effectively with specific challenges or difficulties in your life; especially when they leave you feeling low, anxious, energetically depleted, overwhelmed or unsure of how to progress.


They are also ideal when you want to navigate change or pursue personal objectives with greater clarity and self-confidence. 

In addition, sessions help identify strategies for change, aid decision-making and build self-esteem.  

Sessions consider your physical, emotional, mental, social (relationships) and spiritual well-being and development.


1hr session - £55



Supporting Relationships
Face-to-face or online (via Zoom)

Ideal to help improve or deepen your relationship.


Sessions enable you to identify the strengths and resources available to you both; they promote meaningful communication, and support you through times of uncertainty and change.  


Sessions help you to navigate difference with greater insight and understanding. 

 1 hr session - £75


Intuitive Guidance & Mediumship
Face-to-face or online (via Zoom)

These sessions embrace our spiritual aspect and focus on the wisdom and guidance often described as coming from our Higher Selves, Guides, Spirit, 'inner knowing', the Divine, and communications with our loved ones in Spirit.

They speak directly to where you are right now and can offer valuable insights and guidance to help you move forward with greater assurance, purpose and understanding. They may also include messages of support and guidance from loved ones in Spirit. 

1 hr session -  £65

Please contact me if you have any questions about these sessions. I'm happy to help.


Alison Pooley-Wem 

Wonderful intuitive well-being session with Jeremy. He gave me good guidance on both work and homelife. The messages were very relevant to my life and kindly spoken by Jeremy. Thank you.

Jane O'Brien, Psychotherapist

 The wisdom that Jeremy was able to relay was so helpful that it transformed my understanding and appreciation of my work and its purpose. His ability to share wisdom and guidance sensitively is hard to find and I am extremely grateful to be able to call on him from time to time when I feel stuck, uncertain or frightened. His ability to articulate deeper truths connects me to the mystery and the wisdom that I can't always see on my own.

Wild Flowers

Rachel W.

Jeremy gave me plenty to think about following my intuitive well-being session. His guidance and suggestions were extremely helpful, clear and to the point.  He also gave me lots of practical tips to focus on, which has given me the confidence to move forwards. I was also pleasantly surprised how personal and constructive an online session could be. 

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